Computer Navigated Knee Replacement


Knee Replacement surgery is carried out by cutting the thigh and shin bone so that the new implants fit correctly, the leg is straightened, the knee bends well and is stable.

Traditionally the bone cuts are performed using jigs that attach to your ankle and use the thigh bone as a guide.
However this method can produce mistakes especially if there is a deformity of the bone or if the leg is large.

A more accurate way is to use a computer to guide the bone cuts.

The cuts can then be carried out with a much higher degree of accuracy. This means that the leg is much more likely to be straight at the end of the operation. Research has shown that if the bone is cut correctly and your leg is straight at the end of the operation then your knee replacement is likely to last longer. 
Computer navigation also means the surgeon can more accurately tell whether your knee bends and straightens fully at the end of the operation. 
The operation does not take any longer and you can have a print out of the result of your knee replacement when you get back to the ward. 
Mr. Symes was the first surgeon in the Hull area to routinely use computer navigation in knee replacement surgery and uses the technology for every total and partial knee replacement. 
He also has a postgraduate diploma in computer aided orthopaedic surgery. 

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